Friday, February 5, 2016

Things To Do In Jeju | Part 3: Udo island

Udo is a quaint island that's a short ferry-ride away from Jeju. 
Is it worth the trip? Yes.

And here's why.

#1 It's really pretty! 
And I know I've said this like 20 times when I talk about Jeju - because it's true!
I love looking at blue waters, especially in nice breezy weather. I could really stare at it all day :)
It's not just the water or the sky. It's the nice contrast of rocks and this serenity that follows.

 Having another K-drama moment.

#2 It isn't as small as you might think!
You would need a day here! Although it is an island and you'd probably just expect to see water, there are also different parts of the island which have different very different charms. Some parts are hilly, some parts are rocky, some parts are grassy and of course, there are beaches!  
P.s. buses are available on the island, so it's convenient to get around!

#3 Food!

We had Hallasan fried rice! Which is something you have to try.
It's not just fried rice, it's fried rice with a story *magic fingers*

It begins as a yummy Dakgalbi.
So we eat all the stuff and then the chef waddles over to us and begins telling us the story about how Jeju was formed from volcano eruptions as he begins to pour the sauces and rice in.

That's Jeju Island!

And the volcano getting steamy.

And then people started moving into the island!

And then it smelled so good we just had to eat it!
Look at that! Omgoshh! *tummy grumbles*

Apart from that, we found this little store which were run by elderly Korean women.
Jian and I decided to be adventurous although we had noooo idea what we were ordering! We simply pointed to the table next to us and waited to see what happened. 

Turns out, it was fresh shellfish. So fresh, until we cannot.
 It was cold and really hard! We later found out that it's the way they're caught, where their muscles tense up resulting in rock-hard seafood. Even the seaweed was difficult to eat. It literally tasted like the sea. I simply cannot explain the freshness to you. 

#4 It's overall quaint-ness.

Udo is a really chill island with a lot of nature to see. 
It's calm and serene and really worth visiting! You won't regret it! ;)

Next post is about Sangumburi!

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