Tuesday, February 9, 2016

So, About Chicago #3


Me: So it has tomato and....

Jasmine: OMG! say it again! toh-MAH-to! You're hilarious!

Erik : Do you say po-tah-to too?

Me: No.


"So what do you speak at home?"


"So everyone in Malaysia speaks English?"

"Uhm not really...it depends"

"Oh, so English is like your first language?"


"Oh that makes sense. You use a lot of elaborate words"

"Uhm thanks"


"I need to get some prawns"

"What is that?"


"Never heard of them"


"OH!! What did you call it again?"


"Prawns! That's funny!"


"So where did you live before you moved here?"

"Malaysia. I just got here in January"

"Oh that's cool. So where did you live before you got to Chicago?"


"So you never lived in the States before?!"
This was a very Regina George-Cady Heron moment.

"No, I just got here in Jaaaa-nuuua-rry"
I say, slower this time, y'know, just in case.

"What! I totally couldn't tell. 
I thought you came from the suburbs or something."

"No I'm really, really not"


"Can you push the trolley?"

"What do you mean?"

"This! This! The trolley!"
*points aggressively at trolley*

"What? you mean the cart?"

"Yea, exactly, the trolley"


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