Monday, January 25, 2016

So, About Chicago #1 & #2

#1 It's winter now and it's really cold! D:

The other day I was putting the lid on my takeaway coffee and mentally told myself
okay, better make sure the lid is on tight or the coffee is gonna spill on you...

...but then again, at least I'll be warmer if the coffee spills on me.

-16 celsius. Those are the kinds of thoughts you have.

#2 The bus works in mysterious ways

In KL I just drive to get around... like most people do.
Here, public transport is so convenient I'm so glad I don't have to drive! But it took me awhile to figure out how the bus worked. Like which stop to stop at, where to go, what bus number to get on and finally and especially, how to get off the bus.

Okay so like most busses, there are 2 doors  - the main door and the back door.
There I was waiting to get out of the back door at my stop and it didn't open! And I watched with sad eyes as we drove past my stop.

I had pulled the thing! The sign flashed "stop requested" why didn't the driver let me out? Whyyyyyy? It's because I'm Malaysian isn't it? Is that what is it! #-16weather.

I soon found out that you actually have to manually push on the bus doors to let yourself out. 
How was I to know? (you never told meee)

So anyway, the next time I got on the bus I was super ready to charge at the back door and saunter out of there like I lived here all my life and...

and everyone in the bus turned around to stare at me as I failed to get off my stop and again -- watch with sad eyes as we drove past my stop.

I soon found out that you can't just push on the door with one hand. No. There's a technique to opening the bus door and this gif is surprisingly accurate in demonstrating how to do so;

Took me awhile, but now I'm an expert at getting off the bus guys 
Yea, I'm sure you're boiling in jealously at this information.


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