Monday, January 18, 2016

Things To Do In Jeju | Part 1.

Continuing from my last post about Jeju, here's a list of things I did there.

But before that, forgot to mention in the previous post that :

Horse meat is a delicacy there and apparently everyone eats it!
How do horses get on an island?? The horses are from Mongolia and were brought in by Gengis Khan. So that's exotic and stuff. Apparently Jeju, with it's lush flat lands and greenery,was the perfect place to breed horses. It was also strategic as the Mongols wanted to invade Japan at that time. 

Okay anyway,

#1 Aewol Coastal Road 
This was the first destination when I arrived in Jeju. I was in awe!
Such blue waters, such black rocks, such clear skies. What green screen is this?
There are also transparent kayaks that you can take out. 

The tiny dots are the rowers on the the transparent kayaks.

What would make this better?
Drinking coffee on a hill overlooking the blue water, black rocks and clear skies!

There are several cafes along the coastal road and the view is really something!
 We ducked into Monsant Cafe which was opened by GDragon.
The weather was great! It wasn't sunny, but it was a bright and cool day!
Could stay here forever *dreamy sigh*

#2 Play KPOP Museum

You can't go to Korea and not experience KPOP!

This is by far the most advanced, most thought out, most interactive museum I've ever been to!
We ran around like kids playing with the displays, taking photos with KPOP celebrities and even watched a Hologram concert. 


#3 Soesokkak Estuary

We were supposed to go on the transparent kayak, unfortunately it was raining!

But! Remember how I mentioned everywhere in Jeju is a K-drama waiting to happen?
Yea, the rain really helped amplify the melancholic scene and I have a number of pics that look like background music is about to play and I'm about to cry into the wind. Like this one! And yes, the water is that blue!

Okay confession time. The whole time we were on our way there I was like;

What is an estuary? Just nod and pretend you know where we're going *nods politely*

And when I got there I was like OHHH it's where the river meets the ocean. If you didn't know either, well at least we were aware of this concept right? we just didn't know it was called an estuary. But if you did already know...You're lying. You didn't!

#4 Dinner at Neulbom Black Pork

Also can't go to Korea and not have Korean BBQ. Black pork is a thing in Jeju and it's a must-try!

I'm not the biggest fan of beef slabs. I dunno how to appreciate the cuts and what not
but you haveeee to try the beef here! It's all marbled and melts in your mouth. It's perfection.
The best I've eaten so far! REALS.


p.s. Thanks to Jian and Syamil for some of the pics here...and making me look like I'm in a K-drama lol :))

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