Thursday, January 7, 2016


Hello from Chicago!
It's a weird feeling that I'll be living here now.

I said goodbye to my friends in KL and while I was sad it also seemed like I was simply going on vacation #indenialmaybe.

"You'll probably feel it when you reach Chicago"

My flight took forever, so that was plenty of time to come to terms with leaving.

It was 
Malaysia > Singapore > Hong Kong > Chicago.

Nothing. No feelings. I wasn't sad nor happy nor excited nor nervous, it was just like..yeh k.

When I landed I caught a cold/flu from travelling and I felt super crappy. The Chicago weather probably didn't help and I was wondering why I didn't move somewhere warmer. Also got a terrible stomach ache which followed with diarrhea. So y'know things could be better. Slept from 9pm to 4.30pm the next day and I feel less sick today! So hey, I've got that going for me.

Apart from that, I'm currently in an airbnb till my place is ready on Saturday. The owners of the place are really nice and even offered to hang out with me since I was new to the city (Doubts About Chicago-friendliness = Cleared). I also have Cheryl, who picked me up from the airport and also picked up my suitcase and single handedly lugged it up 5 flights of stairs like a hulk woman.

My mum's with me and yesterday the owner of a deli, with peppered hair and a thick beard who's likely younger than her, called her young lady so I think she likes it here!

Not homesick. yet. I'm feeling pretty okay for the most part. Only get sad sometimes when I think about Bob and how much he must miss me right now lol. But we've Skyped and it makes home seem less far away. Also there's whatsapp so I guess I can talk to him at any time of the day.

To survive LDR he actually came up with an excel sheet that indicates the time difference and time windows that we'll both be able to Skype - are you loling cos I totally loled when he sent it to me. Strategist that one, he can't help himself. We also set couple goals for the year so that cheers me up a little. 

Okay that's as far as updates go for now.



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