Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What Mother Says | Who she's staying with

We were driving back from dinner when my mum said,

"You knowwww, I was thinking hehehe. Who am I going to stay with next time? 
Then I decided, I'm going to stay with youuu!"

"Oh, wow"

"Yea! You're the lucky one! Most fortunate!"

"Yea so fortunate"

"But let me tell you first, I'm not staying home to take care of grand children."

"But motherrrr, I thought I'm supposed to drop them off with you!"

"Drop them off where?," mum asked in shock. "Drop them off in my room? I'm staying with you! .... and I didn't even stay home to take care of you why am I going to stay home and take care of grandchildren?"

She continues,
"You know they say, two women should never be in the same kitchen, don't worry it won't be a problem."

"Yea I know, I'm not worried"

"I'm not even going to go in.. because I don't cook anyway. You can have the kitchen all to yourself"

She's staying with me guys, I guess this 'What Mother Says' segment will be going on for a long time.


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