Monday, September 15, 2014


So the other day, 
Bob & I we were walking around The Gardens when we bumped into our friends,

"They're having a sale! up to 70% off on bed sheets 10000 (okay I forgot how many) thread count"

So Bob decided it was a good time to buy bed sheets and 10000 thread count covers for his house.

That was probably the longest time that I've waited for someone to buy their bed sheets. Sure, I've bought them plenty of times but I usually just pick the ones that look nice or match with my walls or something, how wrong can bed sheets or pillow cases go right?

There he was pacing up and down, going from this shelf to the next, asking the sales assistant if this came in this or if this was fitted with this and if that was plain or not plain or had queen sized. The store was almost closing when he decided on one. White. Plain. 15000 thread count (okay, I forgot how many).

He was so excited he put it in the wash immediately and then the dryer when he got back.

Then he skipped happily (maybe a slight exaggeration..maybe) to his room and straightened out the sheets onto the pillows and the mattress.

"Hmmmmm, you know what?" he said

"Yaaaa? whattt?"

 "This bed sheet looks kinda weird right??"

"What do you mean?"

"It looks"



Yea I kinda see that.


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