Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh baby, it's just you & me.

Moving has been interesting. (bleh)
Most of my things are still in boxes and I keep sneezing from the dust but that's not as bad as.....

NO INTERNET! *wails*

   Yesterday we finally got it installed and I was talking to Jo;

"How's your move been?"

"It's been okay, we just got internet!"

"it's funny how internet > everything else"

"Yea! When we get internet it's like...Oh baybe iss juss you en mee"

"Yea, not even a fridge"

"Things make sense and nothing else matters"

"don't need no nuthin else"

"it's like...

ONE, you're likka dream come true

TWO just wanna be witchu

THREE gurlis plain to see that you're the only one for mee"

Yea, she totally didn't layan me after that hahahah!


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