Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What Mother Says | Juice.


"Can you get that apple juice and put it in the trolley?"

"Okay, oh! I want this as well!"

This is gonna sound lame, but I actually like the new Tropicana Coconut Water,
As coconut water it's pretty meh, but as a drink it's really refreshing!
Yea, lame because we can get coconut water anywhere right? Why get it boxed? 
 That's exactly what my mum said!

"Why do you want that?? It's fake coconut, we can always go and get the real thing"

"But it's niceee!!!"

"It's full of preservatives."

"You know the apple juice we got isn't much different right?"

"Yea huh? Ya ya ya ya put it back! We'll get fruits and blend it! Yea that's what we'll do!"

"Oh boy, are we on this again? hahahah!"

"So baddd"


the story goes like this, once upon a time (actually like earlier this year),
my mum announced a big big decision she had made;

"I'm going to start making juice with that juicer we got last time!"

She left out the part about it sitting in our cupboard, untouched, for the past 2 years but whatever makes her happy haha!

"So we're going to buy allll these fruits so we can drink fresh juice every morning!"

*loads the shopping cart with 2 bags of apples, oranges, a watermelon and a honeydew*

"Uhm, mum...are you sure you don't wanna ease into this process? That's alottt of fruit"

"Nope! I told myself I'm going to drink juice every morning because it's good for you"

Fast forward 4 days,

"Do you want an apple?"


" CAN you eat this apple?!"

"I thought you said you wanna make juice?"

 "Yea, I realize now I have to clean the blender every time I make a juice and I think the fruits are gonna get bad....if you want anything else there's a whole watermelon left in the fridge"


Just a quick update
we put the juices back on the shelf
and a few days ago my mum told me to eat the honeydew in the fridge.

The end.


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