Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mama tales.

Happy Sunday err'body!

I'm having a paper tomorrow and I really should be studying, but instead my brain's deciding that everything else is more important.  Like when I went downstairs just to get water, it decided I was hungry and I ended up making a cheese omelette instead.
But well, priorities are priorities! 

So instead of fighting it, I decided I could use a break. I've been studying since 8.....
and working hard at making omelettes, I think I deserve it.

I was going through my pictures and I miss mama, she's in Perth now, doing what Perth people do (retire).
And I found this picture of her and started chuckling to myself.

Mama is very concerned that she eats too much every time she comes to KL.
But I'm pretty sure that's one of the main reasons she comes here, the food. 
Where else is she going to get Char Kuey Tiow?

So whenever I ask her "Ma, do you want *insert food name here*?"
She'll shake her head at me and say she only wants to eat bread and oats and other boring things like that.
Maybe she wants to get in shape for summer or something I dunno, but anyway, I found a way around this.

I'd go up to her waving something like mango pudding in my hand (which she loves)
and I'll say,

"Ma! I got you this mango pudding you like!"

She'll start to shake her head and wave her hand and I'll say,

"It's ok! Just try a small tiny spoon! I'll eat the rest!"
 *big grin*

She'll quickly take a spoon and then push the rest towards me.

"I'll get it later ma, I'm gonna go wash my hands first"
or some other ridiculous excuse like that.

Then she'll slowly inch her hand toward the pudding cup and take another spoon.

"I think I can eat this, it's not too sweet ya trixh?"

"Ya ma, it's not too sweet!"

*rubs palms together* my plan is working brilliantly!

"I'll eat half only and leave you the rest" she says

and by the time I get back,

"Aiyo, I only wanted to eat half, I ended up eating the whole thing! 
We can go to the supermarket and you can buy some more"

Look at mama, offering to take me to the supermarket to ease her guilt.

"It's okay ma, I don't really like it anyway"

*in my head, I'm pumping my fist in the air*
I always find some entertainment in this because of the way mama tries to deny all the yummy food that I offer her, but always fails miserably and sheepishly reaches her hand toward the bowl to eat some more. 

Mama and her pudding cup. 
I have so many more pictures of her eating coconut jelly, char kuey tiow, etc 
but I can't seem to find it!

It's okay guys, she's 90. 
We let the woman eat what she wants.
and what she pretends not to want.

Ok, back to studying, you can do it brain!

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