Saturday, April 12, 2014

What mother says - Snow White.

"Mum...Whyyy is there a mandarin outside??"

*in descending tone, I'm sure you know what I mean*

"You forgot you wanted to eat it is it?

*in descending tone again*

Here I'm thinking don't tell me she wants to be festive and decorate the wet kitchen outside as well, 
this was during CNY.

"So what is it for then?"

She gave me this guilty, wide eyed shrug and then she said...



Oh boy.
She's been leaving mandarins and other fruit outside our house
so that a particular random squirrel will come to visit her. My mother thinks she's Snow White, it's true.

Later, we were talking about potentially moving and I said,

"We can try moving nearby, to a condo" 

"Yea but we have to see if they take pets because of the dogs. Some places don't allow pets 
and we have 2 dogs and a cat....

.....and potentially a squirrel"

Oooooohhh booyyyyyy 
*descending tone*


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