Sunday, April 27, 2014

Party Un-etiquette.

If a friend were to ask you,
"I'm having my birthday party next Tuesday, will you be free to make it?"

And you reply,
"Oh, who's going?"

Just slap yourself.

1. Party invites
While the above is probably a really common question asked, many don't realize that it's also an incredibly rude one. Let's look at it this way, if you were to invite someone for a function, you would invite them because you want their company. You want them to be there to celebrate whatever milestone it is that you are going through.

And by asking that, it almost seems that instead of being there for me, you need to weigh out whether or not the other people going will be cool enough for you to hang out with before you decide on going.

Sure, nobody likes to be the only "unknown" at a party, but if you're an adult about it, you'd go to be there for your friend and you'd probably be able to make other friends there too.

2. RSVPs
Everyone knows that it takes quite a bit of planning to organize a party and it really doesn't help if the host has to call you and ask you if you're going. I especially hate it when someone can't decide whether they're going or not even until it's 2 days to the party.

"Uhm, I think can but maybe cannot."

Slap yourself. If you don't think you can just say you can't. Don't be that one flaky friend everyone has.

3. Plus-ing a plus one.
It's pretty impolite when someone brings a plus one without telling the host (maybe an exception if you're the Bestest of FF's)
Here I am, only expecting you (the person I invited) when suddenly your plus one (the person I hadn't) walks in with you, completely destroying the well thought out seating, food portions and tables setting I've arranged for.

" It's okay that I brought a friend?" 

Don't be that person the host has to cram in another chair for and politely say "No it's no problem" to with a forced smile to because she's really thinking this :

It's almost as bad as showing up to a party you weren't invited to.

4. Dress codes and themes
Unless it's a casual get together with your friends, I always think that a person should be presentable for a party, especially a sit down party. Presentable meaning no slippers, no shorts and no T-shirt.
It doesn't really matter how close you are to them, you should at the very least respect the fact that they put a guest list together and made the effort booking a nice restaurant la.

Secondly, maybe a Malaysian thing, but many people tend to put up a fuss whenever there's a theme involved. I'm not sure why, I love themed parties! *crickets*


But even if it's a little more difficult for me, I'd usually at least try to follow the theme because I feel it's pretty disrespectful if I don't.

And btw, saying "I couldn't find anything to wear" is not an valid excuse, especially if the invites were given out early.

Imagine it this way, your friend books the venue of a party, they set a date to accommodate everyone, they order the food, they think of the entertainment, they plan the days out in your calendar and lastly, they don't expect payment or favours in return. All they want is the pleasure of your company, with the simple request that you dress up for it. In return, you cringe, you complain....

and you ignore their request completely, like it was your God given right to be invited. 

Makes you sound pretty terrible doesn't it?

5. Malaysian party time 
Malaysian timing is...probably something everyone needs to work on haha. I must admit that while I'm not the most punctual of people, I do consciously try to remind myself that I shouldn't be late for a party.
The worst kinds of guests are the ones who show up late, eat and then leave early. Like they weren't for their friend, just the food. Like it was their God given right to be there. 

Probably the worst if it were a surprise party!

6. Helping to clean up
House parties always end up pretty messy. Some people don't need the help, but it's always nice when someone offers to help with the clean up after a party right?

You say,
" Do you need help cleaning up?"

and they say 
" No no leave it there"

But really, they're thinking,

Especially when the party ends really late and they've been prepping for the party since morning. lol.

So, be mindful of your host's efforts and time. RSVP when you're supposed to, follow the theme, show up on time and if you want to bring a plus one, ask if it's okay. If you don't...well don't be surprised you aren't invited for the next party.

The host already has so much to do and so much on her plate, don't be that guest who makes someones life difficult okay? lol

That's all from me! This is a community message, reminding you to be a good guest!

*thumbs up for your favourite 90's movies references!...and mean girls lol!

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