Monday, January 13, 2014

What Mother Says - Facebook.

Since my mum got facebook, I've been seeing her in a whole new light.

"Mum...stop checking your facebook so we can discuss what we're going to do tomorrow!"

" you really need to check facebook while you're walking"

"No Mummm I don't want to take a picture next to that flower!"

Really, did anyone ever see this happening?  But it's okay la, I guess parents wanna be "in" and "hip" too.

Today however, was where I knew it was becoming serious.
I was eating rambutans when a bug flew up from the bunch and landed in front of me.

"OMG!! Is that a bug! It's furry!!"
and I looked around for a tissue to KEEEL it!

"That's a bug!??? 
Wait wait! WAIT! Don't kill it!"


"I want to take a picture of it first"

".....are you serious?"

*fumbles around bag for phone*

At this point it started wiggling around and I was shuddering so I KEELLED it!!

"Tsk! I told you not to kill it!"

"MUM...IT'S A BUG! Don't be one of those people"

 Parents these days. All they think about is playing Facebook. 
I remember a time where they would just kill the bug without needing to take a picture of it.

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  1. My dad likes every single picture of mine ever since he has facebook. Like a stalker. -_-