Saturday, January 18, 2014

My 2013

How did we get here so fast? I still remember writing my 2012 post (here)
Summed up in my list, here's my 2013 :

#1 I started working.
and I kinda liked it...ish, I especially liked the bunch of people I was working with....almost like friends. hahaha!  

I'm good at multitasking...and sharing french fries (not really)


#2 Concerts!
I went to a few concerts this year..concerts and kinda concerts. I'm quite proud of myself. I'm not usually this happening haha!


 One Republic, Kpop, Arthurs Day, The Killers, MTV World Stage, We Love Asia

#3 I went to Ang Kor Wat!
Yes. That's right. It was on last years resolutions. #happycamper

#4 I finally made it to New York!
 I was actually teary eyed a lot, most of my conversations went something like,

"MUM! I can't believe I'm here mum! No mum you don't understand how happy I am right now!"

*insert literal tears of joy. I said tears ah! because big girls don't cry. hur hur hur*

#5 I also finally saw snow
I decided I only like it for the first 10 minutes and not so much after.

#5 I volunteered to give Christmas gifts out to kids in The Bronx, Harlem and Brooklyn.
I should probably elaborate on day! I also made so many friends while I was doing so.

Here's my resolutions list. Some that are still on the list from last year *looks at ground and shuffles foot*:

1. Learn Mandarin.
This is the year guys, this is the year.

2. Learn a dance.
This is also the year guys, this is also the year.

3. Visit Yangon
Just in case - it's in Myanmar.

4. Start something.
I'll work on this too. I realize this is not very specific, because I'm not sure what I want to start yet haha. I guess `be proactive' is what I really mean.

Especially since I'm not working this year! I feel like the possibilities are endless! Like there such a thing as not having not enough time.....yea maybe I'll eat my words later on in the year. I'll let you guys know.

5. Try to be a better me
You know there's always that person who likes to tell you what's better for you, gives you life lessons, tells you how to solve the problems you have and gives you the advice you don't ask for? Yea..that's exactly the person I don't want to become.

Because I wanna be that person who understands, who helps, who encourages and who's also gracious. I'm sure everyone does la, we just need to recognize it so we can start working on it.
......who's also patient. Okay the last one is a long shot, I'll try to work on this one haha!

Almost the end of Jan! How did this happen!!
Let's work on those resolutions you put in your list, here's to a good year.
Okay team......break!

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