Friday, January 10, 2014

The American Diaries | Episode 11 - Kayaking in Newport Beach

"You know how people always say Californians are tanned, into organic food, soy, the beach and are always wearing slippers? That stereotype was born right here in New Port."

It was a 2 hour paddle around the bay and swanky houses with yachts and private docks.
The plan was to go for a hike but somehow, we ended up going kayaking and I'm glad we did...
even if I was dressed in a tank and joggers.

New Port was gorgeous. Everything about it was gorgeous. 
So so gorgeous.

"One day I'm gonna own a yacht, what are you gonna call yours?"
I ask because I'm sure mine was better #kiasu

"Probably something like...The White Wonder. You?"

"The Hummer or maybe Mustang Sally"
Told you guys *smug*

"I'm gonna live in that house next time, maybe I'll be neighbours with Kobe" 
because where else am I going to put my yacht right guys? I need a dock!

The guys are hardcore Kobe Bryant fans and almost had a panic attack when the thought I didn't know who he was. Apparently he lives somewhere around here....and eats boiling crab.

Stopped by for lunch here after. Best fish rice bowl I've ever had 
(and I'm one of  those people who NEED to eat rice. So this is legit!). 
I don't even know what they put in there! It was so yums!

If you're in LA. You really do have to stop by New Port okay?
Promise me you will! *holds out pinky*

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