Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Iron-ic tale of Jou the domestic goddess.

"My tops kinda crinkly" I say holding it up.

Jou took my shirt from me and started up the iron.

"It's okay Jou I can do that myself" I say moving in font of her.

"No no it's fine! I can do it"

I was amazed.
She handled the iron like a pro, taking out the creases effortlessly. It was as if she was born to do this - if she had to have a super hero name it'd be iron woman. Unsightly wrinkles turned smooth as she steered the heavy metal around corners, gliding it through the fabric. In the 14 years I've known her, I've never seen her look so poised...

...like she was trying to iron out a tarp sheet with a rock.


"Jou, did you just.... burn my shirt?"

"Uhm...no!" she said as she continued scrubbing at my shirt with the iron.

"But Jou, that was my favourite shirt Jou!"

"...I can fix it! Where's the water!" she said scrubbing a little harder.

You know how everyone loves a nice crisp shirt right? My Jou, 
she managed to make mine extra crispy.

"You know it wouldn't be so bad if it was behind or at the corner of the shirt? This is right in the middle" Aunty Jou's Mum says inspecting my crispy shirt.

"I'm sure there's a way you can un-burn it mother. Think of something. Lemon, vinegar, salt!?"

"It's okay Jou, not everyone was meant to do this" I said.
I know! I shocked myself tremendously as the words came out of my mouth. How does she not look like she was made to do this?

Just before she started, her opening statement so we'd let her iron was,
"I can do this guys! I'm DOMESTIC!"

Oh the iron-y.

It's okay Jou, because what you lack in domestic skills you make up for in humour and crafty skills.
That's more important to me anyway. Who cares about my favourite shirt anyway pftt when you can make me one. Pffft I say pfft. What's a burnt shirt between friends anyway?

Love you long time.

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