Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Obvious Problem With "Thinking Big"

So I'm pretty small in size.
But people always say things like "I may be small but I have a big personality/heart" or
"I may be small but I can achieve big things" #powertothesmallpeople

And I really and truly believe that. 
I even feel silly saying it because it almost goes without saying. In fact, there are so many advantages of being small in size, the rest of you tall-ies are missing out man. 

Okay sorry I digress.

ANYWAY, gist is I can achieve everything I put my mind to.
(inspirational Rocky-type music to play here).

I was recently asked to put a home office together. A walk in the park really *blows fingernails* Maybe I'll do some advanced sudoku while I'm at it - to make it at least a little challenging.

I made my way to Ikea today to pick out the shelves, storage boxes, carpets and desk.

First were the big boxes, which I stacked in the trolley.

Then I reached the carpet section,
Okay. Obviously can't fit into the trolley with all the boxes. 

So I got one of those flat Ikea trolleys, heaved 2 carpets onto it and stacked the storage boxes along with it. Then I walked to the shelves and tossed two of the planks in along with a railing.

I check  my list and walked to the marketplace bit of Ikea,
looked at the aisle numbers matching it to my list and stopped in front of the chair I needed.

Okay, well this is a problem.

It was on the higher shelf and I couldn't reach it. But that's okay, I'll just ask this Ikea man.

Ikea man passes me box containing armchair that is probably equal to my weight.

"Are you okay to carry this miss?"

"Yes. I am, thank you"

I'm a strong independent woman, I can obviously handle this.

I waddle my way to my trolley, which I then realize is FULL and VERY OBVIOUSLY cannot fit this box that I'm struggling with.

Okay, I obviously didn't think this through.

"Hi! Is there a way to order everything and have it sent to me?"

"Sorry miss, you have to get it, make the payment at the cashier and then go to delivery counter"

"But how am I gonna carry it all myself?"

"Sorry miss this is self service style so you should actually bring your friend with you"

WELL obviously! I figured that out while I was lugging the chair back to the rack.

So this is what happened,
I went back to take another flat trolley, went through the aisles heaving, pulling, lugging, dragging boxes back to my flat trolley. I passed many people who looked, with amusement, at this tiny girl tip-toe-ing to reach for the boxes, disappearing behind them and shuffling back to her trolley. 

This one guy took pity on me and offered to carry the box with the desk for me.

"Do you need anything else?"

YES! YES! Pleaseee push me in the trolley while I shout orders at you!

"No it's okay! I can handle it, thanks so much!" I hear myself saying like a stupid.

After what seemed like a Spartan workout, I (somehow) managed to pushed both trolleys to the cashier! FINALLY!

"This boxes and mirror cannot deliver la miss, the rest can"

Nuuuuuuuuu! *Cries ocean*

"Wow, you really shouldn't come to Ikea alone huh?" I say for the 2000th time that day.

You've been to Ikea before right? Imagine you park your car in the basement.
Then you come down the lift, can you push it to your car?


Because of this barrier that was put up to ruin your life!

"Hi! Can you help me carry this to my car pleaseeeeeeeee??" I ask a security guard.

"Cannot miss, you can bring your car here"

and I dashed off before he could say anything. I just wanted to get out of there!

At the end of the day, I got everything except the shelves (which I needed 4 of).
I guess I'll go back with Bob another day. sigh.

That's the trouble with Thinking Big guys, it clouds your judgement. You miss the obvious things.
Anyone who says you can do anything you put your mind to has obviously NOT gone to Ikea alone.

Ikea is a big place for one small person.


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