Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Lesson In Organics.

 I've been a little more conscious of eating healthy lately.

Not sure if it's because I got updated with Monsanto,
(almost enough to make you want to only drink mountain water for the rest of your life) 
because my eczema has been acting up (more on this next time) or because the haze has made me realize how unhealthy everything is..

So anyway! I've been buying more organic and I try my best to stay away from processed food. 

Don't get me wrong, I've not turned into an organic-nazi, going around the canned food aisle and setting fire to their preservative-filled foods that last for a year. I'm just being more conscious of what I'm eating because I realize our bodies absorb everything we ingest and I'm trying to be healthier la ok? #defensive

On a recent trip to the supermarket, 
we got some organic black soya beans to make soya bean milk and organic almonds for almond milk.
(I know, I sound so pretentious throwing all these "organic" words in your face..ugh I'm organically scowling at myself now)

What's a healthy breakfast? Almond milk and chia seed pudding with mulberries.
Also made overnight oats with the soy bean milk.

This morning, I opened my breakfast jar of healthy organicness,

 Hmm..20 minutes before I have to leave, I'll just sit down and watch some Jimmy Fallon while I eat.

"Welcome to Good Burger home of the good burger can I take your order?"

It brought back so many memories and suddenly, I really wanted a burger.

Weird. I barely crave these things.

I look down at my oats.

It's ok, I'll just..eat this now and I'll be so full the feeling will go away. 

I shove a spoonful of oats into my mouth. mmmmm yummy...
WAITAMINUTE did they say something about nuggets?

I heard something then. It was my tummy yelling at me to put down my lame spoon and get some nuggets.

I looked at the time,
yea I need to leave now or I'm going to be late. 

It's a bad habit to be late, I already ate my oats, I'm not even hungry and it's so out of the way to get nuggets anyway, I did the right thing.

I regret nothing.
The crunch of that crispy golden nugget was like music to my ears. I sighed the happiest sigh ever.

Nuggets -1 , Willpower - 0

I'm still human okay! I mean I love my chia seed puddings and almond milks I really do! They're really yummy..

but obviously fails in comparison to a Chicken Mcnugget!

Anyone who tells you they'd rather eat the raw stuff than a burger is lying. Okay I'm kidding,
 they probably just haven't eaten a burger. ever. in their entire lives.

That's what happens when you try eating healthy all the time guys.
You (1)get weird cravings, (2) are late for things and (3) don't even regret it.


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