Friday, September 11, 2015

Comfort level: Flight of The Bumblebee.

I did some work for a friend of my mums recently;

" she said she really liked working with you. 
You know initially, she was just like so-so with you" my mum tells me.

"What do you mean?"

"She said when she first met you, you kinda kept to yourself"

"Hey, when I met her I was really busy!"

"But now she says she really likes you after working with you. I told her, that you were like me! We don't talk much when we meet new people but once we do oh boy!"

"Yea once we warm up to someone right?"

"I told her, when trixha warms up to you she really warms up to you. But when she really really warms...OH DEAR I don't think you can get rid of her"


"...all the weird things start coming out"

Gee thanks mum.

To me, when you first meet someone you're still trying to figure them out right? What kind of conversationalists they are, if politics get them riled up, if they are easily offended.....if they try to give you high tens (that's 2 high fives).

Sometimes Bob says weird things and I be like ;

"Do people know you're so weird?" 

"Ya, they do. But do people know that YOU are so weird? That's the question la. that's. the. question"

Gee thanks Bob.

Okay but, there's some truth to that la. I say the most random things sometimes and how I sound on my blog is actually how I talk (random, hilarious, tall, engaging, good at exercise, but you guys already know that hah. hah. ha.)

Sometimes I have to remind myself to stay cool and act normal
*walks around in circles and high fives wall :| *

Have I sung Flight of The Bumblebee to you?
Cos I think that that's when you know I'm really really warmed up.


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  1. no but you've done the kevin g badass mc rap a few times which is pretty damn epic