Thursday, September 3, 2015

I don't get high fives.

"Okay we'll see you soon okay?"

*puts both palms up waiting for a high 10*


"I really have to work on my poker face huh?"

"Ya, so obvious that you weren't comfortable with the high five hahahha"


I don't get high fives guys. 
Like I get 'good job' high fives or like 'yay we won' high fives but not so much 'let's high five for fun' high fives.

You see,
 'good job' high fives are saying without saying; 
"yea we did a good job, but we don't have to hug about it ok? be cool man. be cool."

'Yay we won' high fives:
"we slayed those muthas but we don't have to hug about it ok? be cool man. be cool."

 'Good bye' high fives? I didn't even know that was a thing. 
What does it mean?
 "Yea you're leaving! Awlllrihhtt man!  Let's high five to celebrate your departure"
*high fives*

I can't seem to wrap my head around greeting high fives either,

"Hi I'm John! High five!" 
legit this is how a guy introduced himself to me.

What does it mean?
"High five cos I'm glad my name's John" ??

I understand that it's something of a handshake and a friendly gesture. Maybe like a hug, it makes you more approachable to the person.

...apparently not to me.

I don't get it guys D:
*awkward turtle*

Does it make me really weird that I don't get high fives? Like I'm strange and uncultured because high fiving isn't for me? Am I socially retarded?! 

 Can't we just smile and maybe snap, point and wink at each other or something? D:
*basically anything but high five*


"Maybe I should work on that."


"Maybe next time I can ask someone to high five me"

"Haha if you want"



"High five!" 
*holds hand up*

He totally laughed at me. And didn't give me a high five.
No love guys, no love.


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