Monday, August 24, 2015

"I almost died"

There was a heavy downpour the other day,
the wind was howling and the sky was glum, showing off it's dullest shade of grey.

I looked outside the window at the angry skies wondering if Bob would arrive soon.
Trees were swaying, some of their branches gave way and fell onto the cars. A strong gust and a loud thud, I saw one of the branches fall into my porch. 

I sighed at the displeasing weather. 

Soon after, Bob's car pulled up in the driveway.
 He braved the rain and managed to get in unscathed.

"I nearly died just now" 
he says as he sees me, his eyes widening.

"Why what happened?"

"A branch fell onto the roof of my car, it was so loud I was sure I was going to die"


"BAAAAM! It was so loud! 
Then it rolled down onto my windscreen and I realized it was this big" he pulls his palms apart.

I had actually forgotten about it until we went to his car and I said, eh why is this here?

"There!!! that's the branch that almost killed me!"


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