Friday, August 14, 2015

An Atas Dinner In The Sky.

"Hey look they have dinner in the sky"

"Wanna go ah?"

"Hmm maybe"

And then tickets were sold out within 2 days and I was like..

"Maybe we should have gone huh!"

"Not scared ah?"

"Yea actually I am scared of heights! I might cry hahaha" 
...that's what I would have said but instead I heard myself saying;

"No la! I don't think so! I think I wanted to go! 
I'm sure it's not scary!"

I don't know what possessed me at that moment, maybe it's that kiasu feeling you get when you know you can't get something anymore. I'm sure you know the one. 

Then Bob somehow managed to find tickets for a later dinner seating
and he surprised me with the booking and I was like YAY!
 but also like "Shit, I don't know if I can handle this."

I went to the toilet twice before we went up and between you and me, 
I still needed to go the entire time..even after I just went. I barely touched my water the entire night.

If you need to go while you're up there...tough luck lol!
I heard they'd let you down if you really needed to but they'll leave without you and you won't get to finish your dinner :|

So to begin,
they strap you to a chair and they'll adjust it for you until you're comfy - after all, you're gonna be in that chair the entire dinner and you need to make sure you can reach your food.

Then the crane starts going up up up up for 50 meters and then it stops.

"Don't drop a fork and accidentally kill someone okay?" 

This is the part I show you a picture of the view from up there, but I'm gonna tell you the truth and tell you that I was too scared to turn around to take a picture of the view behind me! I do have a picture of the view in front of me! 

Many people think that the crane is lifting a box and we're in the box and nice and snug, but it's really lifting a table and the chairs that are connected to the table. I actually held on to the table while we were going up and then let go when I reasoned out that if we fall the table is gonna fall with us. 
*sorry disclaimer that it is actually really safe and I'm just really paranoid*
Remember how afraid I was of * this Disneyland ride? *

And truthfully, it was only scary for the first 10 minutes then after that you're kinda over it because it feels safe! It even rotates when the wind blows but you're kinda like "oh ok cool *slurps soup*" because you barely feel it.

This is course 2!  
Roma Tomato soup, focaccia, fresh oyster and yuzu caviar.
I didn't get a picture of Course 1 (that was in the first table-grabbing 10 minutes) :|
Also, that's a sign to remind you not to take out your safety know,
just in case you have the urge to.

Miso Cod with asparagus - which I really liked!

Wagyu beef cheek - which was not bad.

Dessert! Which was the best! With glitter!

All pics are from my phone (hence the quality) because we were kinda paranoid so we didn't bring a camera up.I'd advice you to bring your camera's safe. Really.

Also, I was paranoid I'd drop my phone whenever I took a picture, so I'd just *snap snap* and quickly put it away! Because if you drop your phone or anything for the matter, then GG guys. #paranoidparrot

Overall it was a really good experience!
Not something you'd go for twice la, but definitely worth the try! Conquer your comfort and with food and all that. Just remember that you're probably not going there JUST for the food and you're also paying for your safety.

Thanks for bringing me! Like you la hehee.

Okay here guys, look behind me! That's what the view looks like! :x

Btw! I heard that they're extending Dinner In The Sky and they'll be going around Malaysia.
So yeh, if you're keen here's the link :

p.s. I totally ran to the toilet after we got down.


High in the Sky

House-smoked Duck Breast, Bean Sprout Salad with "Hoisin" Vinaigrette and Passionfruit Drops
Chef's Kettle and Ocean Pearl

Roasted Roma Tomato Soup infused with Double-pressed Virgin Olive Oil, Mini Herb Focaccia, Fresh Irish Kelly Galway Oyster and Homemade Yuzu Caviar
From the Sea

Miso Black Cod, Thai Asparagus with Poached Daikon
From the Land-Main Course
Option 1: Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek, Caramelized Red Onion, Carrot and Green Pea Puree, Truffle-scented Jus 
Option 2: Confit Country Hen, Caramelized Red Onion, Carrot and Green Pea Puree, Truffle-scented Jus
Sweet Ending-Dessert
"Valrhona" Jivara Grand Cru Chocolate Praline, Crème Chantilly Crunchy Hazelnut with Exotic Gel


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