Friday, August 7, 2015

The O.G.

I made a quick trip down to Hong Kong to see my grandmother, I missed her!

She's the most active 90+ year old ever.

When I first arrived, she asked me if I wanted Milo and of course, she wanted to make it for me.
So she lifted this heavy glass jar of Milo from the top cabinet and I when I tried to get it she said;

"No, I know how to do. I can!"

Most of the trip consisted of that when I would try to help her do things like turn on the light or get up and she's like "You go and do your own thing, I'm okay"

then I'd be like "No ma, I got nothing to do, you're the one who's teman-ing me!"

She's been doing well! Her leg's doing better (it's been giving her trouble for awhile) and she's walking pretty fast these days.  

"Don't walk so fast ma, I can't keep up with you!" 

She even pushed me on the wheelchair, and when I jokingly told her to go faster..she did! O.O! That's when I jumped off and told her to sit down if she's tired and she be like "No I can!"

She likes going shopping, so most of the time we'd be walking from morning to night and I'd be thinking, if only we can all take turns to sit on the wheelchair because I'm so tired! Don't let that one go out for a party! You'd be falling asleep in the lobby waiting for her to leave. 
I once waited outside Marina Bay Sands for her until 2am and I was falling asleep on the bench 

Mum : Where is it we went yesterday ma? What's the place called again?

Mama : Hollywood.

Mum: Is it? Then the day before?

Mama: We were at Lok Fu then Dragon Plaza.

Mum: Aiya dunno la I can't remember

Me : And you're asking mama? Who is so many years older than you?

Mum: Ya, cos she remembers these things

Also! If we're travelling in the car and I ask her where we are, she usually knows!

"This is Tsim Sha Shui"

So after we're done partying all day at the shopping mall, she'd sit down to watch a Canto drama. 
I'm not sure if she understands Cantonese, but when I was younger in her house in Perth she used to watch French movies, so maybe she's an expert at deciphering what they're saying.

She even knows how to work the tv and which channel is what. 

"You want to watch the Cantonese one or the English one?....
....I think the Cantonese one is more interesting ya Trish?" she says.

"Ya ma"

"Okay *squints at remote* 7...5...1" she says to herself.
....not nice this one, we watch the English one"

*squints at remote and taps the remote again*

Even my mum doesn't know what channels her shows are on!

Mama also got worried when I was going out by myself, 
so she passed me her handphone and said;

"Take this with you, wait, let me I teach you how to call"
where's that crying-laughing emoji face when you need it.

Wow, this is longer than I thought it would be!
I was going to tell you about The Peak. Next time I guess!


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