Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sell This Gold Chain.

Different people have different styles right?

Right. So that's why one day I told Bob:

"You know what this person should get? A gold chain. Seems like it'll suit 'em" 

"Don't think so, won't buy one"

"Okay how about we say it's Ferragamo?" I say nodding my head.


"Limited edition."

"Ya that's a good one."

"..exclusive to you only if you spend above a certain amount! Members only"
I say nodding more dramatically.

"Ya! Surely buy la like that"

"Interesting ah how this works. I think I can sell it to you also"
I add confidently.


"Okay so this gold chain....It's RAW
No machines are used to make it"


"And it comes with the stone that they got it from...
They use a stone to hit the stone to extract it from the stone, cos no machine right?"

"I like it already!"

"It's UNfinished *dramatic pause* UNprocessed!"


Bob, pshhh, he's so easy sometimes.

"Okay, let's make it a game! How would you sell it to me?" I say.

Got him here la!
I'm like a rock you know? Unmovable. Not easily convinced. Not easily influ....

"You have to make it yourself"


Bob continues,
"...give you one slab of rock and you have to DIY!" 


"..and the rock...get from the side of the road one! You only get the tools"


He got me there guys. He got me there.


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