Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Review of The GM Diet Day 1

Bob and I decided to do the GM Diet.

What's the GM Diet? I honestly have no idea. 
I just went along with whatever it was he was telling me about. A detox is always good anyway.

The first day you only eat fruit and you can have any fruit you want except bananas.
I didn't know it was this intensive when I agreed to it and...well here's how day 1 went.

Since that was all we were going to eat that day, we packed enough fruit for a pot luck.

I was like,
Yea, this isn't gonna be so bad! I'll just keep eating fruit so that I don't give my stomach a chance to get hungry. I'm busy today anyway, so that helps! I just have to survive lunch really.

 I'm sure you guessed how wrong I was because it's not just the hunger,
 fruit doesn't feel like a meal. 

"You're only eating watermelon? Don't you get sick of eating the texture?"

Yea! That's when I move on to pears.

But truly, there's only so many fruits you can eat before you get sick of the sweetness 
and the similar crunch each fruit gives. So I was hungry not because of the lack of fruit but from not wanting to eat so much fruit T.T.

I'm Chinese I need my rice!! 
I eat the fruit on a tiny coloured fork after my meal.
*cries in front of chicken rice*

Oh! We can eat the mango and papaya for dinner! ^^

And let me tell you something sad!
When Bob and I were prepping for Day 2 (which is only fresh/boiled veg), 
I snuck a french bean and declared:


We aren't the biggest fans of sweet things and prefer our savouries so this was harddd!

Who eats something sweet for breakfast...and lunch..then dinner? WHY!?

But that isn't the saddest part yet!

*looks at list* 
We're allowed to eat 1 potato tomorrow and they said you can put a dollop of butter on it.
That sounds so good. Sounds so good right? ^^

He doesn't even eat potatoes! What is he saying!

Me: Is this how low we've sunk? Is this how desperate we are!??!?!
*puts french bean in mouth and whole world spins, bursting in technicolour, I'm giddy with joy*


Apparently day 1 is the hardest and since I managed that I may as well continue right?
...and wait for the day beef comes into the meal plan.

I'll let you know how this goes


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