Thursday, March 12, 2015

What Mama Says | How To Take Pictures.

"Someone sent flowers for you ma,"
my mum tells mama
"lets take a picture to show them that you got it"

I was assigned the task of photographer of course.

"Wait wait, I need to put on my lipstick first"
mama says pointing to her bag.
"okay I'm ready now, shall I sit down over here?"
she plonks herself down on the couch.

I take a few pics,
"okay I'll send this to the aunty" 

"Wait. Let me see first how I look first"
Mama wants to QC it.

I pass her my phone an she expertly swipes at the screen, comparing the pictures.

I'm thinking, wow. how does she know how to do that??
 Bear in mind she turned 90 last year. 

"hmm..look so fat here," mama says,
"we take another one? We move the flowers to this side"
and she pulls the bouquet basket to her side.

*click click*

"aiyo I look so old. How come I look so old?"

"Bad lighting here ma, camera got problems"

She swipes through the pictures again,
"okay send this one. The rest don't send okay?"
she says nodding.

"okay ma, don't worry I won't"
I'm almost laughing.

"hmm, I see again"
she takes back the phone and does her expert swiping.
Really. Who is teaching her these things? 
The other day I asked her something and she said she didn't know but I can check Google!

"my eyes look small here," she squints at the screen,
 "I know trish, take another one. I will look down and you count 1.2.3 and I'll look up then my eyes will be open. Okay. Count now, 1.2.3!"

I was almost rolling on the floor.

She often reminds me,
"you know, this 90 year old grandma is still stylish you know?

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