Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How To Have The Most Impromptu Picnic Ever.

I think Bob and I are really bad at making plans.
Because we always have these grand ideas that never really take flight.
But on Saturday. On Saturday...

"What are we doing today?"

We were having brunch in a "hipster" cafe in Bangsar South, bad decision.
Hipster cafes are so mainstream, I don't know what's what anymore.
I'm so done with eating "hipster" breakfasts that are actually incredibly disappointing.
Bad coffee. bad combo of ingredients in the dish. bad portions. tell me it's chorizo but I'm sure that's just ham and not very good ham. 

But anyway...

"Hmm, we could go to KL that's like an adventure right?"

"Should we go for a picnic?"

"What to eat?"

"Is there a supermarket here ah?"

and it was already the afternoon when we were arrived in Cold Storage.
Made a quick dash around the place because we wanted to get there before sunset.

1. What to eat on your picnic.

"Bread? with what?"

"Oh hmm...there's prawns in the freezer"
(from a month ago) left out this bit, Bob thinks everything goes bad in 2 days, I mean if the veggies are still green you eat them right?

what to eat : stuff in your fridge that's overstayed it's welcome.

2. What you need for your picnic

Chopped, peeled, fried, toasted and packed everything in record breaking time.
Brought along paper plates cos that's important. and cider.

 Made a stop at the Jens' to borrow a picnic mat, knew they'd have one (they have everything).
 Or we'd be sitting on the grass in Malaysia like 2 hippies while the bugs bite our bums.

3. Where to have your picnic. 

"So where is this place?"

"In Awana"

"Like actually Genting? o.o"

and drive as fast as you can because it's already almost 5pm!

4. Which spot to pick.

You know, people always say that's the picnic "spot"but it can be a vast area like Genting so really how will you know where to lay your mat right?

We wandered around...

-Ya, 5.45 still got time to wander T.T because cannot find ideal place with nice view lolol! I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way-

...for awhile walking up some grassy bits and some sandy bits and then we settled on a nice clearing
(pass some workers who were playing football and staring at this random couple, holding bags of food and walking around like lost puppies)

5. Set up

Time to assemble everything you packed, 
while Bob dances around with his new camera, taking pictures of you blinking, a skill he has. Should actually compile all the pictures he's ever taken of me, 4 out of 5 are of me blinking. For real.


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