Thursday, April 9, 2015


"Let's say we travel back in time, and one small thing changes your whole life can change"

We were having one of those deep (go-nowhere) conversations.

"So there can be realities that exist concurrently with the reality that you exist in now"

Okay I wasn't being deep, I just liked entertaining the idea of parallel universes. 
(where I might be tall and good at math and patience and stuff..)

"But you know, there's the matter of a predestined route as well. 
Irwin was practically jumping around.

"Uhm it depends I guess" I say

"You need to watch Predestination. Omg so good. "

So I did.
Guys, best movie I've watched this year.

I barely recommend movies to anyone,
I mean it doesn't even matter to me if you skipped The Hobbit, Furious 7 or The Avengers or whatever.

But Predestination,
Predestination it's the real deal.

It's the kind of movie that plays with your mind, ya know?
Similar to watching Memento or The Illusionist or The Prestige.
Where you don't and can't expect how the movie will play out.

But! What I liked so much moreeee about Predestination was that it leaves your mind blown, not wondering if it's Inception, where you aren't sure of the ending and a bit skeptical about what happened in between.

This is straight forward, play with your mind, omg-how-can-she-and-then-he-and-then-he!??!?! BLOWN.

So good. Sooooo gooooood.

Whole movie guys:

In that order.

I realize how little I've actually said about the movie,
other than the fact that you need to watch and it's mind blowing. But it's because I really don't want to spoil it for you! SO! if you do plan on watching it, don't Google it beforehand.

Just watch it....

and prepare to be mind blown.



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