Thursday, February 5, 2015

What You've Unknowingly Been Snacking On.

The other day I saw cereal sitting on the counter,

Whole grains with a delicious blend of roasted nuts, seeds and coconut mixed with real fruit.

it was packaged and printed with hipster font that promised a wholesome breakfast, nutrition - the kind you see ladies jogging to in commercials- and maybe even an instagrammable post.

 and I decided to have some.
Very out of character for me because...well, I barely eat cereal.

So I poured it out into a bowl,

"wow, so much wheaty grains in this!" I thought to myself.

I poured milk into my bowl; the stark contrast of grains and wheat against the white milk, it was evident I made the right choice this morning by choosing such a nutritious breakfast.

I was crunching away at the cereal and watching a documentary that someone shared about Queen Elizabeth when I noticed some grains were floating instead of sticking with the rest that were sunken at the bottom of my breakfast bowl.

"I wonder what wheat this is...." I think again,

".....because it looks like it has legs"

F. M . L

A little trixha was running around in my mind, it was the most intense brain monologue ever!

"What if it's alive and crawling around in my stomach making it's way to my brain where it will start laying eggs and soon enough I'll be one of those news subjects that get shared on everyone's Facebook feed?"


"What if it starts crawling out of my ears in the middle of the night!"


Decide to take this internal conflicted monologue to a higher power;

"what happens if I eat a cereal bugs"
I type onto Google.

Apparently everyone's had the same problem, Google even filled the rest up for me.
After I digested what I was reading *getit?*
The paranoia went away.

I found out they're called weevils and are the same bugs you get in your rice.

But are you ready for the most disgusting thing you're going to hear today?

Have you ever wondered how those bugs get into your unopened packets of rice?
It's sealed. It's air tight even. How did those guys crawl their way in there?

Because they've been there all along.

We've been eating unhatched weevil eggs without knowing it.

I know,


Anyway! These little bastards apparently love wheat products, be it oats, cereal, flour, rice, etc.
It's the most normal thing that weevils lay their eggs in the mills, that get packed and shipped to us.... fancy hipster packaging with the promise of a wholesome breakfast, nutrition - the kind you see ladies jogging to in commercials- and maybe even an instagrammable post.

I know,
 How grossed out you must be right now????


But! Weevils are really harmless and even provide you with some protein.
^ This part of the story actually calmed the little trixha down. 

To make you feel better (maybe), I also read that it was common for soldiers to eat crackers that were infested with weevil larvae back in the 19th century. Sometimes they would also have to take off the "weevil layer" to take a sip when they dipped those crackers into their coffee. *shudders*

There are ways to prevent them from hatching (like putting your things in a fridge, placing bay leaves around) but, the eggs are already there and you may as well get the protein from the actual weevils.

*soothes self*

*shudders until all the cereal went into the dustbin*

I end this post with this close up, mmmmm look at all them protein.


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