Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What Mama Says | About Bob

I woke up early to make breakfast last Sunday.

Anne, Fresh and Sue Ann we're coming over to judge my cooking (like literally).

They actually stood around me as I cooked, inspecting what I was doing like we were on Master Chef and they were Gordon Ramsey, that Italian guy and that Elvis looking guy...

...except we weren't or Anne would've been crying.
*she cried watching Masterchef*

I got started on cooking before they came over and mama was sitting in the kitchen;

"My friends are coming over for breakfast ma, so I'll be cooking in here"

"Oh. Is Bob coming to help you?" she didn't actually say Bob.

"No he's not, he's in church today"

So I went about my cooking and after awhile Mama said again,

"I hope Bob's coming later"

"No Ma, he's not coming to eat remember?"

"Ya, but I hope he comes in time"

"But he's not eating, I said just now"

"Ya I know, I mean I hope he's coming in time to clean up"

Comedian this one.


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