Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Why you shouldn't eat these bananas.

"I'm hungry! Can't waitt for lunch!"
 I say, tummy grumbling and yelling at me in anger!

"....Oh! there are bananas here!! I'M TAKING A BANANA OKAY!??"
I tell bob across the living room.

"Eh no! I don't think you should eat the bananas, I don't think can eat them anymore"

"Why not?"

"There are dots on them you see???"
Bob says turning the banana around and inspecting them.

"Huh? Ya so?"

He concludes;
"I think it's like poisoned," he says seriously.

"Hahaha what!?"

"No reallyyy!!"exasperated Bob says,
".... then I even saw like small flies around it!!
 It probably bit it and infected the fella (the fella being the banana) then now it's poisoned"



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