Sunday, January 25, 2015

High School Never Ends.

High school.
 It's the place you spent your most awkward years, where you decided on what your taste of music was going to be, how you were going to dress (maybe) and made friends that you were gonna keep for life (hopefully).

Since it was holiday season, people were back in KL and there was alot of reminiscing.

"Remember that time I wore that? OMG what was I thinking, probably thought I was damn cool then"

"How did we every go through highschool without wearing make up? It's like we didn't care that we didn't have eyebrows or something"

High school seemed like eons ago! Probably more eons for some people, but still eons!

In high school I was a bit more cynical, a little less understanding, cared about petty things a little more, a little less friendly, a little more sarcastic. Still funny and witty *nonchalant hand on chest* and all that mumbo jumbo la but...young. That's what it was. Just. young. That says so much by saying so little. haha but I'm sure you get what I mean.

Giant full stop below, a long pause so you can think about what you were like in high school


Done? Okay cool.

So anyway, high school was a really long time ago and we know we're not the same people we used to be.

We're maybe more jaded, wiser, more knowledgable and leading a better know, all that inspirational tumblr quotes.

So yea, completely different than what we were in highschool right?

But you know what I realized doesn't change sometimes? 

Because some people really don't change.

I caught up with a friend the other day;

"So anyway, we were talking about this and that and (let's call the person Jamie) Jamie thinks you hate em' now because ______________(insert some farfetched reason that has no connection to anything at all)"

I almost wet myself laughing, because I haven't spoken to Jamie, who hasn't even crossed my mind in the past 3 years. How dare Jamie speak on my behalf and decide who I like and who I don't ? The nerve. No manners. Mother never teach.

Even as I write this, I feel like this is the least intelligent thing I've ever written down.
All I could think of was OMG wow, some people can't (not don't, but actually can't) change.


Then there's the people you didn't get along with in highschool for some dumb reason like...
not wearing pink to an all pink party or something ridiculous like that that you don't even remember anymore. Probably because you were young la. That's what it was.

It's so funny how other people still think you harbour the same 'disfavour' for that person.

"Are you okay with so and so coming to a party where 30000 other people will be?"

"Lol don't really care. Why?"

"Remember in high school?"

Slow "oh. my god" because I can't comprehend this. Leave it in high school and get over it.

Unless a person says "I STILL HATE (let's say Alice) ALICE EVER SINCE HIGH SCHOOL"
It's the most stupid thing to assume so. Years have passed, everyone can get over it.

But some people don't, and it's usually not the people who are involved it's the 30 people speaking on their behalf telling each other that the two can't get along.

There were probably some people I wasn't too fond of in high school. Because, less patient and all that. 

But it would be so stupid if I felt the same about the person if;
1. I haven't seen the person in 5 years  2. The person doesn't even cross my mind.

What if the person is reformed and is the new Malaysian Mother Teresa? Do I talk to the person? No. Then do I know? No. Then how can I possibly dislike the person? 

No. Stop escalating things on other people's behalf. Get over yourself.

And while I speak in the context of highschool, I really mean this for any phase of life you're in. Like the colleague you have, the friends boyfriend you didn't get along with, course mates and all that. Because some people still act like high school kids even until their 40's.

This made me realize something else too, though not completely related.

It's weird how if you changed, it's so easy for you to go around proclaiming how much you have and shoving it in everyone's newsfeeds. But it's not as easy to accept that anyone else has.

"Apparently she's not crazy anymore and stopped drinking"
" sure or not" *skeptical eyes*

I get it. I do the same too.

Why is it easier to think badly of people than think of them in a good light?
Why do you get frustrated when someone doesn't believe you've changed but don't allow others the same courtesy.

Probably because it's more juicy that way. lol. And we always like the juicy stuff.

I mean
"Girl who is doing fine who lives average life and waters her plants" 
is a lot less interesting than,
"Girl, got breast implants when 13, tried to marry a goat once, likes to 'single white female' people"


Maybe we should add that to our list of resolutions;

1. Stop being an asshole and accept that people change/have changed.

Unless they really haven't, sucks to be them.
At least you tried!


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