Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Friend Marcus.

Sometime last month, I was dying to try out this new dim sum place called Dolly Dim Sum
it's in Avenue K and I told Bob we had to go there!


"Okay ^^..." 
Bob says, his eyes really like that, 
"...but after that we go eat waffles?"

"Oh, ya. Can also!"

Since we were in KL, I wanted to do some shopping for Christmas! So I told Bob that,
"I just wanna see that store for awhile

He fell right into that one! 

But after walking a bit..okay A LOT, he started rushing me out of stores.

"Let's go back la, I'm tired and I want to eat waffles" he says.

*passes by German waffle shop*

"There! There's waffles here! Why don't we eat here instead?"
"But I want to go to the one in TTDI"

" I thought you said you're tired?"

"Ya, I'm so tired! :<"

Logic? ...NONE.

So I was like okayy, if you wanna go back then let's go la...


"Sighhh.I'm so tired" 
Bob says again dropping his head, because I'm clearly not getting the message. The only thing I was paying attention to at the time were the SALE signs and Christmas-consumer music playing in the air.

"Ok ok let's go home la"

"But I want to eat waffles first"



While we were on the way to this magic waffle shop, nots kept popping up on his phone so I picked it up;

"How come you're messaging Fresh? o.o" I say....."OoooooooH! WHERE WE GOING!??? ^^"
 my eyes also became like that.

"No where! Nothing! That's not your Fresh! That's my friend who's messaging me!"

He starts laughing uncontrollably. Bob really can't keep secrets. like. AT ALL.

"It says Teoh Xin Xian (Fresh)"

"No. No it's not!" Bob says in a panic, "that's my friend! from....Australia, his name is Marcus! Marcus Teoh Xin Xian!"

"Oooooowwwhhhhmygod!!! They're never gonna let you forget this!"



Fresh, Sue Ann, Anne, Sara, Karen and Bob were gonna surprise me for my birthday at that waffle place in TTDI.

Awww! *tear*

"So did you see our cars?" Anne asked.

"She totally knew! She walked in smiling!" Karen says.

"OMG Bob!" Fresh says.

"You only had one job!" Sue Ann says.

"Hahahhahahha!" Sara......mouthed.

"Did you see the balloon? we got 60 because mentally, you're like a 60 year old person"

"We got you a beard and a tiara, because you like all these kind of hipster choices right?"

Overly enthusiastic waiter singing Happy Birthday.

Bob wearing a tiara, punishment for being so bad at lying haha!

Karen: Even after you saw Fresh's name!? You know usually people will just admit to it, but not bob, he's a fighter.

Sue Ann: Marcus, I like that, we should start calling you that.

Fresh: KEN YOU NOT?! 

Thanks gais! 
sorry to keep you waiting while I shopped lol!


These people, you should never mention that you're going to blog about them.

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