Thursday, January 8, 2015

My 2014.

This is so scary because I remember writing about 2013 and 2012, like it was just a few months ago.

I feel like 2014 was the quickest year so far! I remember somewhere in October I was actually dreading the year. Being all melodramatic and telling Jo, "THIS IS THE SUCKIEST YEAR EVER! %^@& 2014 man! I HATE IT!!!" and that's how we decided to spend our new years together in Bangkok to toast away the suckiest year both of us had ever had. lol!

But you know, in retrospect I guess it was a pretty eventful year, let's see what I've been up to ;

1. I started studying...again.

Probably what carried the most weight in 2014's title as the suckiest year ever. haha! I hate uncertainties I guess but I also don't like being too comfortable (Wow so many juxtapositions in my life, how do I even deal?) and I wanted to learn and explore and do all that self improving mumbo jumbo so I decided okay trixh, time to study! You know I always thought I was quite clever haha, never book smart but you know another kind of clever, until I went back to school. OMG. Never felt more stupid in my life (Jo just said that this doesn't measure intelligence, thanks Jo). Never have I spent more hours frowning, hunching over the laptop, finishing a paper and asking myself why I was so brilliant to want to do this to myself again.

On the bright side: I probably appreciate this more than I did when I was 18 haha. A lot of people are in this bubble of kiasu-ness to get their A's that they sometimes miss the point of learning. Or are in the same bubble to quickly to graduate and forget to ask themselves why they're rushing....  like me when I was 18.

Might be one of the few students who has told a lecturer"THE GRADE IS NOT THE POINT!" after I was told "You don't have to argue with me you got a 9.5/10 for this paper." LOL! Ya, sorry. It was exam week where 10 assignments were due, probably the lack of sleep that got me rilled up and my annoyance at the importance (or rather borderline idolization) of getting A's.

But I am learning and I do enjoy it....for the most part.

2. I learnt to cook.

I've baked quite often but have never full on cooked. So I decided if I was gonna do it I was gonna go all out la. It began when I was in the Jens' house and I said that kakak made very nice Bubur Cha cha. So I searched a recipe and I did too, then one thing led to another and I was cooking ALOT.

 Usually it would begin when Bob and I are eating something and I say "This...this doesn't look so hard to make" *insert looks of skepticism and then him saying* "This looks crazy la." Next thing you know I was making Bahn Mi, Kuih, Kimchi, Siew Yok, Tub Tim Krob and even Siew Mai. Lol I know right, I must've had a lot of time.

3. I started working....again

I felt really restless because work was from 9am to 7pm usually and classes ended at 2pm. I was sooooo restless and began looking for jobs, got an offer and started doing like 30 things at once, work between classes and sometimes after work going straight to a cafe and finishing up my assignment. My friends told me to stop but I was like BUT WHAT WILL I DO!? I FEEL SO UNACCOMPLISHED JUST SITTING DOWN AND STUDYING! But I realized I was splitting my time too much and going partially crazy, so this year it's just about studying okay? Remind me please. When I get restless and have the itch to start looking for a job; tell me it's time I learn Mandarin or something.

4. I decorated a wedding.

I know, #pressure because that's a big job for sucha tiny girl. Okay so initially I thought like cool, I'm helping. You know, hang up things she tells me to hang up and tie what she needs me to tie, but then it was more of a "let your imagination run wild" thing. So in between doing work and assignments I was buying cloth and drying out flowers and painting jars..and sometimes cooking. LOL ya okay now I know why I was so stressed last year. What's wrong with me even?

5. Travelled.

I travelled abit this year. Probably overcompensating (on happiness wtf) because I had no free time so when holidays rolled around I was like YES! *hops on plane*

This year I made it to Chiang Mai, Taipei, Hanoi, Perth, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

6. I acquired a Bob. 

We all know his name isn't really bob right?

7. Spent New Years with Jo and Jou in Bangkok.

"NO BOYS. NO BOYFRIENDS. NO ALMOST-BOYFRIENDS. Just FF's (friends forever lol) toasting away this CRAP year" <- that was how it was marketed.

It doesn't seem like too bad a year, but I guess it's one of those crap-during-the-time-great-when-it's-over things.

Okay, resolutions!

1. Learn Mandarin.
THIS IS THE YEAR! *tears 2012 & 2013 resolution list*

2. Be more organized.
I'm super forgetful sometimes to the point it irritates me. I'm probably more organized this now than I was before, but I could become organizer (see what I did there lol #cheapthrills) There are absolutely no disadvantages of getting organized and I think this is the year! 

3. Try to understand people.
Haha! I'm not even saying this sarcastically. Be less judgemental maybe and not let get petty things get to me. The way I react to things says more about me than it does about the person who's pettiness I let get to me anyway. 

4. Be more considerate.
It's so easy to call out inconsiderate-ness, not so easy to recognize when YOU're the one who's being inconsiderate. So yes, on my list is to be more considerate and be more conscious of the feelings of others.

5. Not let people affect me.
Kind of relates to number 3 and 4. Because it's easy to give yourself the excuse that "everyone's like that" or "why should I if she/he doesn't." Guess what I really mean is, to not let other people stop me from being who I want, or rather, am trying to be.

6. Stop procrastinating.
This came to mind when I was in the airport and told myself that I needed to check in the Calpis I brought back for my friends...and that I should remember to do it later. Jokes on me, because 20 minutes later we were chugging down 3 bottles of Calpis in front of the airport security because liquids aren't allowed. So..NO trixh, the answer is NOW. DO IT NOW!

So far so good, when I tell myself something like "Oh ya, I should probably call so and so to make and appointment later" a little voice inside my head says " NO TRIXH YOU ARE GOING TO FORGET DO IT NAOOOO!!!!" and I do. I hope this keeps up for the year. I'll tell you how it goes in 2016.

7. Pick up a new skill.
I'm just not sure what yet.

8. Exercise.
I was at the gym with Jou today and we were trying to work out our core muscles. Realized I didn't have any core muscles...let alone a core. What core mann?

Didn't accomplish any of my previous resolutions but last year I wrote this;

#5 Try to be a better me

You know there's always that person who likes to tell you what's better for you, gives you life lessons, tells you how to solve the problems you have and gives you the advice you don't ask for? Yea..that's exactly the person I don't want to become.

Because I wanna be that person who understands, who helps, who encourages and who's also gracious. I'm sure everyone does la, we just need to recognize it so we can start working on it.
......who's also patient. Okay the last one is a long shot, I'll try to work on this one haha!

nowadays I find that I stop myself from making preconceived notions about things. So as I'm about to say something I tell myself not to and to try to give whoever the benefit of the doubt. Okay la I'm human sometimes it still comes out but then I try to realize this and stop myself from doing it the next time. 

Unless I'm kidding la, then it's no holds barred and it becomes crazy and ridiculous and escalates as quickly as the number of people lining up for that new Japanese cheesecake place.

Guess could still work on this this year.

Here's to a good 2015 guys!


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