Sunday, January 4, 2015

December baby woes.


Happy 2015! 
I haven't updated this in so long.What has it been? since last year? hur hur hur.

Anyway! I wanted to blog about this last month but I thought it might be too obnoxious, so here it is,
 December baby woes ;

1. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday.

Dude! this sucks.Why do people do this!? D:
Do other people get it too?

Maybe I'm hypersensitive to these things, 
but I never wish anyone Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Birthday, like, ever!

My birthday's pretty near christmas so sometimes I even get a "Happy New Year" thrown into the equation. Sucks :(

Makes me feel less than special. Un-special guys, un-special.

I usually make sure I don't do the same to my fellow December babies.

2. Joint presents, sometimes, no presents at all *hertbroken*

For as long as I can remember, I've always gotten joint presents.
This sucks too! D:

Cos while everyone is getting presents for Christmas and their birthdays, December babies...don't.
Which I understand. It takes so much effort to find someone a present and when you finally find one,

 "What? After stalking her on facebook and walking all over to find her a present, 
I now have to find her one for Christmas too? Uhm yea no"
*sticks on Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday card*

I'd probably do the same...if I wasn't born in December.

But don't feel bad, because my parents do it too.
A conversation I just had with my mum;

"you mean I ALSO have to buy you a birthday present? Oh boyy"
p.s. she's kidding...I hope.

3. Wait, what are we meeting up for again?

"So like, dinner tonight, it's...a Christmas thing or is it like a birthday thing?"
I got this. I got this, often.

4. It's the most. busiest time...of the year!

I don't know why, but I was so busy this December! So I get it that everyone else is too! With the whole commotion of New Years and Christmas, the year ending and scrambling to finish work before your holiday, even I might not remember.


Geez mum, couldn't you hold me in until a less busy time?
p.s. I'm kidding....I hope.

5. If you're busy on the day/week of your birthday, then.. tooo bad sucka!

I'm born on the 16th and I know that if I don't shamelessly seize the opportunity to celebrate on that day/week itself, I won't be celebrating at all because Christmas is the next week. No one's got time for anything then. After Christmas? NICE TRY, it's already New Year and no one celebrates their birthday a year late. Sooooo, too bad. You lose.

Which brings me to 6,
6. Doing nothing.

Because people are busy and well, *refer to number 5*,  I don't mind not doing anything for my birthday.

Bob asked me what I wanted to do (or maybe I just told him hahah) and I said..maybe dinner but maybe nothing. Maybe jaded because after 20+ years, I'm pretty undaunted.

Not sure if sad or not.

Do other December people feel the same? :x


But I do really appreciate it when people remember *all the emotions*.

"We got you a beard and a tiara, because you like all these kind of hipster choices right?"

I should blog about this! Remind me!


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