Monday, November 17, 2014

The Malaysian Post At Its Finest.

A lot of things irk me, but the number ONE thing I simply cannot stand is inefficiency...

especially if you're paying for it.

So here's how the story (of what is going to be a very ranty post) goes.

I ordered something online and I didn't receive it after some time. So I tracked it down and it stated that the delivery was unsuccessful. 

I was wondering why they didn't call me or put a note or something to tell me they couldn't deliver my parcel. Ya okay fine. Maybe this is out of their deliver mail effectively.

So I called them and listened to

"we're sorry but all our customer service attendants are busy" and a very bad version of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik on loop for 5 minutes, someone finally answered and told me that it was an unsuccessful delivery. Yea cool, thanks for letting me know.

After the most mind numbing 5 minutes of explaining and (almost)negotiating,

"Okay, then can you put an order to call me when they arrive? Here is my number 012....."

"Oh yes that we can do"

"So they're going to call me when they arrive right?"

"Yes, we already put the request here, they will call you when they arrive"

So fast forward a week and I didn't receive anything! Not a note, not a call. For all I know my parcel could be in a black hole somewhere. WHO KNOWS!?

So I called themYET AGAIN and listened to

"we're sorry but all our customer service attendants are busy" and a very bad version of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik on loop for a good 5 minutes but no one picked up.

I tried this for a few days and a few times when I finally got through. 

I told the guy my tracking number and he said;

"Oh failed delivery here miss" 

OH wowwww! REALLYYY???

"Okay. So can you send it to me again?"

"No sorry cannot, we only do deliveries twice then you have to pick it up from the post office"

"Okay, I understand that. But when I called you the last time. I asked that you call me when you are here. I did not receive any call"

"Oh yes, it's on the order as a request"

"Okay and your rider did not call me. Now you're telling me I have to pick it up myself?"

"Yes. If you don't we'll return it to the sender"

"No I think you should send it to me. I gave a specific request to call me when you arrived and you didn't and now you tell me that if I don't come to collect it. You're going to send it back??"

"Sorry we can't we only send it twice. We already put the request but the rider didn't follow it"


"If it's the fault of your rider then I don't understand why you can't send it to me again"

" Ya miss, we already put but the rider didn't call. But we can't send it again because we only send things twice. So now you have to come collect it"

"Ask you a question. Don't you think this is pretty unreliable? That this is your riders fault and you're telling me that there's no way you can come and send it to me again. Why would I use Pos Laju again then? What's the point of even using the post if I have to end up going all the way to your office to pick it up? I may as well pick it up from the person myself"

This went on for the longest time and he kept repeating that they did put the request there but it's not their fault that the rider didn't follow it. And he was adamant that they were not going to send it to me again.


Several reasons I'm so peeved!

1. Why did they not even leave me a note? Like dude you're already outside my house. Might as well leave me a note to tell me that you were there so I know you were.

2. Why didn't they just call me. I feel like instead of having to ride all the way the address again. Wasting resources, energy, time and petrol to deliver something AGAIN and not being able to...AGAIN! You could just call me and we can settle the matter there and then but noooooo!

3. It's almost impossible to get through to their lines. So when I have to wait for forever and try for a few days while listening to bad polyphonic ringtone music, I'm already not in the best mood.

4. How are they not taking responsibility for their own riders? HELLOOOO?? OMG. This one. I can't even. It's like admitting they are at fault but not wanting to rectify it and refusing to resend my parcel to me. Just send me my parcel and all will be forgiven. I mean like what? Do I have to pay professional deliverers to do this or something? OH WAIT. I did.

5. It's even more irritating that you pay extra for these kind of services. SRSLY. I'm going to stick to CITYLINK or SKYNET from here on out. Because they actually call you when they come and they don't kill the environment as much by pointlessly taking leisurely drives to your house several times.

6.  EVERYTIME people give me this "Malaysian post? you sure or not? I don't have much faith in them" I'll be all" NO REALLY CAN RECEIVE NEXT DAY ONE! It's quite reliable!!AND THEY'LL RESEND IT TO YOU!"

Who's the idiot? I'M THE IDIOT!

Thanks for making me look bad. 


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