Friday, August 8, 2014

Pokemon! Some people don't know how to play it properly.

I really love me Pokemon! - the first 151, not the rest cos the rest just aren't original....getit?

When I was younger 7, I used to collect the t-shirts, the cards, played the game on my pink GameBoy Color (the latest) and I even had that toy that's a pokeball and turns into pokemon when you flip it over (mine was an Oddish). 

Of course, after all the years, the phase kinda died down...... and I play the emulator on my phone instead - I play yellow, because that's where you really can catch em' all. 
*sings: Gotta catch em' all! Gotta catch em' alllll POKEMON!
Fire Red and Leaf Green just aren't the same. Since when Pokemon got so much colour wan! Fake!

Maybe it's a nostalgic thing I dunno; I probably don't enjoy it as much as I used to....hahah okay that's a lie. I still enjoy it, I just don't collect the memorabilia anymore.

But the other day,
 I saw a Nanoblock Pikachu on Instagram and I was all "I WANTT!" I kinda forgot about it after awhile... 

....till Chris came over with this plastic bag and said "Look what I got ^^"
(his eyes really do look like this)

"Yay yay yay yay! Let's open it!"

There were several bags filled with colourful Nanos and a sheet of instructions. 
I took a look at the instructions and started dividing the blocks according to the layers

"Hmm, okay so for the first layer we need 3 of these guys with the twos and 1 of these guys with the.....HEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeYY!"


He was already building the nano blocks on top of each other without even looking at what we needed!

"Why you not seeing what we need first!!!?"

"There, because it's like this! This fella goes over here and this one goes over..."

"But! we need to see what goes where first D: "

"Remember the Lego Movie or not?"

"...NOO? I've never seen it! Ever! In my wholleeeee life! Ever! ...Never!" 

"But! I watched it with you! We watched it together! Remember the father? ^^ (really his eyes..again)"

Okay fine, I have seen it. Well I watched half of it.
I fell asleep halfway and all I remember is that nobody wants to party with the Lego Man.
But Chris (who watched it alone, I mean with me! ...while I was sprawled out on the couch, fast asleep) told me that it's actually about a father who builds Legos following the instructions and his son, who shows him how to use creativity instead. 

Ya yea whatever, this is pokemon, it's a serious matter.



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