Friday, July 25, 2014

My Inner Narrative.

Sometimes there's that problem you analyse, that opinion you have, that potentially offensive remark that you may make...and a lot of the time, something stops you before you say it, before you begin pointing fingers or before you tell your friend the girl he likes has crazy eyes,

"Everyone has an inner narrative right? We don't tell everyone everything"

I agreed.

"So what's the theme of your narrative?" I asked.

Like you know, 
for some people it's skepticism, some it may be how the world can be a better place,
to not get angry, world peace, to clear doubt etc. 
Basically, the overall mood of that narrative.


"Is it reason? Like a voice of rea......"

I get interrupted with,

" I think my narrative is like A SIGUR ROS SONG!" 

" WHATT!" 


"REALLLLLYYY! It's like ....


like, so many things going on and it's processing, processing and processing."


Hahah! If we were using song titles to describe our narratives, mine would be...hmm..

Young Blood by The Naked and Famous.

Probably because it's my current loop, but it's true!
Because it's sombre yet upbeat, cos I barely get moody.

(please note, I did not say "because I'm in a good mood," got difference wan okay?)

What's yours?

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