Saturday, July 26, 2014

Money money money, must be funny.

Okay who hates money?


Nobody that's who. We all love money and we can't get enough of it. In fact, most of our lives revolve around getting money so we can use that money to make more money in hopes of making even more money.

And in sooooo many ways I think money is a good motivator, and that's what it should serve as. A motivator for you to get your goals and a reward for working so hard in achieving those goals. In many ways, I think money has made me a better, more accomplished (maybe??) person. I'll tell you why.

When I was 15 I wanted more pocket money because I wanted the luxury of buying...

uhm, yea I don't remember what, I mean that was some time ago, what did we even spend money on then? Probably like Roxy wallets. Okay I'll go with Roxy wallets.

...buying Roxy wallets. So I decided to go work during the holidays so I could get more money to work and by the end of it I made like RM900 and thought I was a millionaire hahah!

See? Good motivator, had I not wanted to buy all the Roxy wallets in the world, I would not have used my holiday to meet people, try my hand at customer service, learn how restaurants work and probably would've spent it mindlessly watching One Tree Hill and playing Neopets.

People work for money because money makes the world go round....literally.

But I also strongly believe that you should make the most-est most conscious-test effort ever to MAKE SURE that money doesn't become you're everything. I'll tell you why.

Being calculative, money minded, etc etc will save you money, but it sometimes loses friends.

We all know that one guy who's really money minded who calculates and who demands that the bill is evenly split by tax and then asks you where his 20 cents of change is right? He's the one who'd white lie his way out of paying the extra RM1 and is incredibly delighted that the cashier gave him too much change.

And we don't like hanging out with him so much do we? Nobody ever recognized being money minded as a good trait to have.

"I just made a new friend, she's so calculative and money minded,  she was simply lovely,"
....said no one EVER.

In fact, you may miss a lot of things about a person but you will never overlook the fact that he's money minded....that, and if he had nose hair sticking out of his nose.

Yes, there is such a thing as being tight and not doing as well as you hope you would. And like I said, we all love money. But there's a difference when it begins to have a negative effect on the people around you. Nobody likes being taken advantage of, yes that I understand too and we shouldn't ever take advantage of people even if they are gajillionaires.

But if money makes you a worser friend,
if it makes you a worser boyfriend or girlfriend,
if it makes you a worser sibling,
if it makes you a worser cousin,
if it makes you a worser child,
if it makes you a worser father,
or if it makes you a  worser person.

Is it really really that worth it?

If you have to lie, cheat or steal to preserve the money you have, what kind of person does that make you? Someone you see as really accomplished, who the world should take after?

Because a day will come when you'll be surrounded with all the money you fought so hard to keep and that's all you have. Making money the center of your life and placing it above your friendships and relationships is really the saddest thing a person can ever ever do. It would be as if you were saying that you'd be fine with compromising your values, morals and relationships because money is higher on your list of priorities.

The end.

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