Monday, June 23, 2014

The cake & caffeine

With the sudden infestation of fake hipsters emergence of coffee lovers,
coffee places are sprouting everywhere.

I realize that almost every weekend I visit a new coffee place.
Just to hang, to talk, to take pictures of my food, you know all that good stuff.

The other day I went to a very crammed VCR (in KL) for coffee and cake. I even had a very good strategic spot next to the window for good instagram pictures. Here, I show you:

#nofilter #really

Then it dawned on me that, this must be peer pressure! haha!
Just like road raging, has this become part of the Malaysian culture? o.o

If I'm honest, I'm not the biggest fan of coffee. I drink it iced. with milk. and sugar. (I hear coffee nazis gasping all around). I can't even tell the difference between the brews.

I much prefer tea but going all the way to a coffee place with special cold pressed brew so I can ask the barista to put a tea bag in hot water doesn't make much sense.

Even as I type this, I'm here sitting in one of these cafes drinking my latte with a heart-looking leaf on it wondering why I'm drinking this coffee....Okay, I know why, because I want to leech wifi in a cool place with good music like Plastic Trees by Radiohead #np (no more Taylor Swift please! I beg!) and they ran out of Chocolate powder whut!

But my point is!
I will not succumb to peer pressure anymore and will stop this habit of frequenting coffee joints on weekends. I've been drinking (rather unnecessarily) too many cups of coffee and eating (also unnecessarily) too much cake when I don't even feel like it most of the time. So no more coffee places for me....

...that serve just coffee. Brunch is a different story okay?
Brunch is satisfying and looks like breakfast art (yes, I said it). It makes me happy.
Just look at this happy french toast:


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