Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dad vs. Technology | The mystifying Google Calendar.

Hello and happy father's day!

For father's day I usually take my dad out for a meal 
 since it's usually so hard to get a booking anywhere, I thought I'd set it in stone and send him a Google Calendar invite the week before.

zzttt zttt! my phone went.

"I don't understand your email," my dad went.

"It's a calendar invite," I went.

"...if you're free click on it and it will appear in your calendar"

"Go where?"

"It's in the invite"

"Eat where?

"It's in the invite"

zzt zzt! my dad accepted and ticked that "yes I'm going" option.

"Hah! Set in stone. I'm so clever," I thought to myself.

On Saturday

I sent my dad a whatsapp;

"Curve later! 6pm! See you there"

"I can't la"


"I sent you a calendar invite why you accept it then!"

"You didn't say anything after that"

butbutbut it appears in your calendar!! 

"Okay then I meet you tomorrow instead. 6pm at the Curve" I say.

"Ok! *thumbs up emoji*"

On Sunday

"Quick dad! The reservation is at 6! We have to leave already"

"Reservation? Why we need reservation?"

"Because it's Father's Day and it'll be packed, so I made a reservation"

"Since when did the steamboat in Puchong need reservation?"


"Since when were we eating steamboat? We're going to Morganfields"

"Oh, I want to eat Steamboat"

"Butbutbut..then why didn't you say anything!"
(trembling lower lip and all.....almost. Like a balloon deflating because so hard to get reservation on Father's Day)

"I don't know what that is you sent me. Where is this place?"


Dad - 1
Google Calendar - 0

I told my friend this story and he asked me why I wanted to torture my dad with technology.

"I usually send doves for this kinda thing," he said.

But y'know what? with my powers of persuasion - and because dad has steamboat all the time,

trixha - 1, 
Dad -  0  erh...I mean, also 1, maybe 2 even!
*straightens halo*

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