Monday, June 2, 2014

Instant gifting!

It was Christmas last year when I got my friend a present that I knew she'd love!
I thought I was soooo brilliant when I got it.
It was practical and smart and cool and hip, everything she wanted.

We were super busy during the time so I wasn't able to pass it to her. But when I finally saw her,

"Aiya! I forgot to bring your present!  Nvm nvm! It's okay, I'll bring it the next time! Remind me okay!" 
I've seen her almost every other week and I keep forgetting about it.
It's almost June now and let me tell you, it's still sitting in my car boot*blush*

How many times has this happened to you?
Where you're soooo excited you got your friend something but kept forgetting to pass it to them?

 And months and seasons change (rain, no rain, rain, no rain) and it's still laying in the corner of your cupboard or worse! hanging on the door knob - in your poor attempt to remind yourself about it before you go out.

Sometimes you can even completely forget about it until you find it in your cupboard some years down the road.

Isn't that just super annoying!?

 Point of the story is, I found this first world problem solver!
 I came across this app called GiftBlob, which I thought was really smart.

It's an app that lets you to send your friends a gift that your friends can redeem straight from the stores.

Your girlfriend could use some pampering after she's been drowning in work for the last couple of weeks.

Why not send her a massage!?

And all she has to do is go to the spa and redeem it.

Or maybe she works around Bangsar, you could surprise her with cupcakes!


And all this can be done through your phone.
In 3 easy steps!


I'm sorry what was that you said?


That's right it is! ;)
No need to crowd my boot with last years Christmas presents anymore :x

The website for more details :

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