Friday, May 23, 2014

The pickle I'm in with Kimchi.

You know sometimes, you see something gross
and you can't explain why but you'd keep wanting to look at it again and again?
(Maybe secretly hoping it'll become less gross)
But every time you look at it, you shudder again and again.

That's how I feel about Kimchi.

I think peer pressure is what it is!

Whenever I'm with my friends having Korean they'd be all
"I can't wait to have the Kimchi!" or "Yay! there's Kimchi!"

and proceed to happily scoffing it down like it's Chocolate Lava Cake or something.

Then I'd be like heh heh *awkward laugh* yaaay Kimchi.

I'd pick it up with my flat metal chopsticks, pop it in my mouth 
and regret it instantly.

I'd do a quick chew chew chew swallow, so that I don't taste anything!

and whenever it's in front of me again, the cycle repeats! 

Every. Single. Time.

I feel like this baby is so many ways,

Oh lemon-eating-baby, how relatable you are.

So don't offer me Kimchi ok?
If we're ever eating Korean please frantically wave your hands at me and warn me that 
I'm not going to like it!

Oh but here's the thing *blush*

Recently, I've been on this cooking spree and I asked my friend for food suggestions.
He said "Kimchi" and I said "Oh god why!"
But you know, I like challenges and all that rubbish.


I spent some time in the kitchen and after massaging (yes massaging) the cabbage leaves with this and that and that and that...

This is in my fridge now.

Totally pop-ed one in my mouth and regretted it.

I didn't like it one bit, so..


ps. pickle I'm in..with Kimchi! getit getit?

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