Monday, March 10, 2014

What mama says - wise words.

Mum was talking about renovating our house the other day. 

"The renovation is going to cost a lot. 
That's why I'm waiting for you going to become a millionaire" 
mum says.

here's what happens when we put mama (my grandma) into the mix of things.

"How are you gonna do that trixh?" mama asks.

"Hmmmm.....probably marry a rich man heeeeh" I say jokingly.
No really, I am kidding.

"Marry a rich man? Haha! Yes that's a good idea! 
Actually maybe I shouldn't be giving you this type of advice," 
mama says.

"It's okay mama I'll make my own money"

"Making your own money? That's too slow. 
Shall we put it in the newspaper 'in search of rich man? Tell them age is not a matter!"
mama laughs.

"Say the older the better"

"I'm going to Hong Kong soon, I'll search for one for you okay? "

"Hahaha okay I hope he's a tycoon"

Oh mama! You crack me up.

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