Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Charcoal toast for an upset tummy.

My tummy has been mood swinging for the past few days!
It ranges from mildly annoying to can't - even - sit - straight in a matter of moments.
Stupid food poisoning. 

It all started a few days ago when I was over at the Jens (plural because there are 2 of them) for dinner.

I spent the whole afternoon-night curled up on the Jens bed hating the sandwich I had eaten earlier for lunch....hating with painful passion.
It was a Subway. Stupid Subway.

By the late night however, I was feeling a lot better and since I hadn't eaten,

"I'll make you some toast..." Jen said,
"....it's good cos there's charcoal! Good for your stomach!"


Who was I to argue right? 
Kinda like how you drink vitamin-ed water because there's a tinge of vitamin in it.
Or water with a lemon wedge in it because there's antioxidants...or something like that la.
So anyway, charcoal in charcoal bread? Hmm..yea...makes sense to me..kinda.

"Really? We got meh?" 
JenLyn asks.

"Ya we have!" 
Jen replies with the most convincing nods (plural because she nodded more than once) in the world


When Jen brought the Charcoal Toast over,
 Jen Lyn and I burst out laughing

Ladies and Gentleman,

Jenna's Charcoal Toast.

Slightly charred white bread served on a plate

Method : 
1. Leave white bread* in toaster till slightly black.
2. Enjoy the charcoal toast.

...and she was serious

* can also be replaced with wholemeal or any other bread for that matter