Friday, January 31, 2014

The America Diaries | Episode 12 - The Santa Monica Pier.

One of the things I wanted to do in LA was visit The Santa Monica Pier.
In every movie/tv series/sitcom/cartoon set in LA, you'd always see the iconic Santa Monica Pier in a shot.

I'm sure you recognize it,

While we were walking toward the pier Shaun said the most bizarre thing ever.

"I just have to warn you it's pretty ghetto there"

"But Shaun, it's in all the movies!" I argue.

What was he saying? It's iconic! Maybe he's lived here too long.

I've waited to see this for forever. I was ready to see the ferris wheel, maybe ride it, take pictures, run around excitedly and strut down the pier with an appropriate song playing (in my head), just like in the movies. Maybe the theme song of 90210 or something.

We reached the pier...

"Wait....I expected more from this place"

...and he was right.

It was pretty shady, some parts were blocked off for renovation.
There were machines along the pier, it looked really dirty and there were a bunch of people who looked as shady as the pier itself.

"Yea no one really comes here to see the pier, it's more of a I'm already here,
 might as well go see the pier."

"But Shaun, it's in all the movies!"
 I squeak, like a child discovering Santa isn't real. 

"Yea no. I told you, it's ghetto here. That's why whenever they shoot,
it's the pier from a distance as the sun sets. Not the actual pier itself and what's going on inside."

Omg...he's right! I've never felt so cheated in my life.

"Do you want a picture with the Ferris wheel?"

"Nah. I don't need one. Don't need to have a reminder of the disappointment." I sulk.

"okay....don't touch anything okay? it's really gross"


When we got back to his car, what followed was hilarious!

"Take some of this!!" he shoved a giant bottle in front of me.

"But...I didn't touch anything"

"Yea you don't want to take any chances from that place!"
he said as he bathed his hands with sanitizer. lol!

That's my Santa Monica Pier story, here's a picture I took for keepsake...

...taken from afar of course.


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