Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The American Diaries | Episode 10 - The Carpool Lane

There's something almost relaxing about driving on the freeway in LA - not during rush hour.
I can't really explain it, but imagine playing your favourite music (maybe Jack Johnson) on wide roads, with big sky and pretty views (like mountains with snow on them!)
 All this coming from someone who hates driving btw.

But anyway, to my story! 
The other day we were making our way from Anaheim to LA.
Crusin' on the highway, California sun, music playing, wind in my hair, you know all that Californian good stuff when I saw a sign that said Carpool Lane.

And I was like NO WAY.

This was hilarious la! So I had to ask, just in case.

"What's the Carpool Lane?"

" Oh, when you have more than 1 driver in the car, you can use it. It's to minimize traffic."

OMG, they are serious! 

"Oh so you only can use it if you Carpool (literally)"

"Yea. It's like a reward for being green"

"What if it's rush hour and it's really really jammed? Is there an exception for times?"

"Nope, so sometimes the normal lanes can be stuck for an hour and only the carpool lane would be moving"

"Oh! They should have Carpool lanes in Malaysia. That would definitely work well to minimize traffic," 
I say seriously.

Right guys!?!!? Right right?
Just like the emergency lanes we have.

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  1. you should see if anyone gives a shit about our bus/taxi lane first.