Sunday, December 29, 2013

The America Diaries | Episode 9 - Hiking in the Hollywood Hills

"The park is huge, I wonder why they don't wanna do that INSIDE the park,"
I say pointing to the guys who were doing yoga at the entrance of the park
(which is next to a main road btw).... who were also shirtless.

"Yea well, this is LA. If you aren't getting any attention you aren't doing it right"

On the way back from Shaun's place, we drove up to the Grififth Observatory to hike our way up the hill.

"We should climb up at night next time, it'll be so pretty at night"

Hohoho he's so funny.

It was a pretty steep trail and it probably didn't help that we (Shaun) decided to take the short cuts (upward instead of windy-around-the-hill-ward). We were climbing most of the way, holding on to rocks, pipes, branches and whatever else we could.

So sunny, I might actually need to wear sunglasses to look at this pic

I say hill like it's a tiny easy stroll but just 5 minutes into the hike I could already feel it on my thighs.
And at that moment, a Chinese man sprinted passed us and ran up the hill.....what a show off.

We hiked right to the highest hill, higher than the Hollywood sign that we saw on the way up.
I was pretty tired but the view! It was amazing! You could see so much of the city from up there.

The hike down was a lot faster but it was a lot more erh. .. slippery because well,
we were walking (or rather sliding) downhill.

"If you slide down I'll catch you okay? Just give me some warning first. Don't just slam into me"

Slide down he says, haha you really want to slip, fall and tumble down the Hollywood hills?? "Malaysian tourist takes a turn for the worst when she tumbled down the easy trail of the Hollywood hills in winter...must not have hills in Malaysia." doesn't sound very dignifying. 

"Oh no I'm fine" I say casually...
....while panting and hanging onto branches for my dear life.

And at that moment, a man with his Chihuahua ran down the hill passing us...what show offs.

The view from Grififth Observatory was gorgeous as well! The whole city was lit and everything was so shiny and bright! *getting excited*

Best hike I've been on so far! I also need to add; Shaun's not really a hiker but he took me anyway! 
Thanks Shaun!

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