Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The America Diaries | Episode 8 - Boiling Crab

"We're going to Boiling Crab on Friday. Don't plan anything."

It was still the beginning of the week when Shaun sent me this text. Like it was serious business.
Haha and yes, of course, in my journey of discovering California, food is what we'd cover first (...and last ...and in between.) The Malaysian is strong in this one.

"Oh I forgot to tell you to only wear clothes you don't like. You're gonna smell of it after. 
Are you wearing anything you like?"

"I'm wearing everything I like!"

The boiling crab is cajun seafood.
You can order crab, shrimp, corn, sausage, etc  and it'll arrive in a plastic bag filled with sauce...

...that you eat off the table...with your hands. So that's pretty interesting. *I don't eat with my hands*

But dammmmnnn the food is soooo good!!!
We ordered shrimp and crab and corn and French fries. 
French fries are the best! Esp dipped in the sauce.*cholesterol level spikes*

If I lived there, I would go again and again...
..and again and again!!*cholesterol level spikes double time*

I really liked this place. Probably one of the best meals I had while I was there!
You need to try it if you're there okay? It's worth the wait. :D

 sigh, not everyone is good at taking polaroids. 
But this will do.

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