Saturday, December 14, 2013

The America Diaries | Episode 7 - The gun range.

So uhmmm this is interesting. I'm sure I won't accidentally...kill anyone. 0.0
I'll just be extra careful and handle this with extreme caution. 
Careful not to drop it or anything stupid like that.

"Why do you look so scared?"

Uhm maybe because... I'm holding a gun!
Shit this is scary. People die with this in their hands.

"It's not any different than holding a knife"

He must be kidding. This is so different! 

"Maybe you can pretend there's someone you don't like, and they're the target"

" But I wouldn't wanna shoot them!"

"Okay yea no.. forget that. Just relax."

I didn't do so well guys. If I were given a gun to shoot someone, I'd probably just be able to scare them away with the loud loud BANG when I pull the trigger (intentionally aiming for them but missing completely)

"I'm pretty bad at this!"

"No no you're doing really good!"

What a liar,
look at all the trust you can see seeping out of this one's face.

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